WBO - World Bangladesh Organization


World Bangladesh Organization (WBO) President Kazi Enayet ULLAH is the Bangladeshi-French leading entrepreneur, public and social activist and filmmaker. Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in the famous diplomatic district of Banani, in the respected and influential family of Kazi Amber Ali and Meher Nigar, after his successful higher secondary studies at the Adamjee Cantonment College in Dhaka, in 1978, he studied Economics at the prestigious and the oldest Parisian University of Sorbonne, got his first working experience and started his independent professional business life in 1986 by establishing the first Bangladeshi restaurant in Paris “Banani” (1990’s Winner of “The Golden Fork of the Indian Cuisine”). Thanks to Banani and this first encouraging experience in the food industry, later he opens several restaurants of French and Bangladeshi cuisine in Paris and nearby, among which we should especially mention “L’Instant d’Or”, French gastronomic cuisine restaurant, distinguished in 2012 with 1 Michelin Star and “Café de Luna” (since 2007). During his intensive work, he receives precious advice, establishes strategic contacts and gets the real intellectual and financial capacity to enter the French and international business circles.


Since 1989, he makes his first steps in the real estate business in Paris and in Bangladesh (one of his most fruitful activities) and soon establishes the travel agency “Banani Travels” (2002), works with Biman Bangladesh Airlines and Brazilian tour-operators and becomes in 2008 the GSA of “Uzbekistan Airways” with 3 national offices in Paris (France), Rome (Italy) and Frankfurt (Germany). Travelling worldwide, he represents France and Bangladesh business communities during the strategic international forums and symposiums in North and South America, Europe, Northern Africa, Central and South Asia, Australia and in Bangladesh. After more than 30 years of successful business activities, in 2002, he opens the France-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (today France-Bangladesh Economic Chamber (CEFB), Paris) (2012), then, a private consulting company “Bangladesh Business Consulting (BBC)” with two offices in Paris and Dhaka (2012).


In the same year 2012 and after a mature reflection, he co-founds and endorses the responsibilities of the Secretary General within “All European Bangladesh Association (AEBA)”. The Association defends the rights of European citizens of Bangladeshi origin and promotes the multi-purpose cooperation between Europe and Bangladesh. AEBA initiates the 1st Bangladesh Global Summit in Malaysia in 2016. The Kuala Lumpur Declaration gives the start to the “World Bangladesh Organization (WBO)”, and Kazi Enayet Ullah, as WBO President, is entrusted to represent the interests of 11 million Bangladeshis living worldwide within the international institutions and in Bangladesh.


Witness of the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, since then, he has preserved his patriotic approach towards his Motherland country. He produced many films and international cultural projects such as Banglar Mela (Bengali New Year Celebration in Europe, Danone Football Cup, Paris Bangladeshi Cricket Club, etc.). In his filmography are the documentary on the Bangladesh Liberation War “Birth of a Flag”, with the participation of the French grand reporter Mr. Philippe Alfonsi who was one of the first foreign journalists who was physically present in Bangladesh and covered the Liberation War in 1971; the first joint French-Bangladeshi romantic movie “Lal Tip” (Bangla: “Red Point”); the action movie “Agnee 2” and the first Bangladeshi 3D science fiction movie “Porobashinee” (Bangla: “Girl from Another Planet” (participant of the French International Cinema Festival of Cannes 2017).


Since 2010, he initiated the project to establish the statue and the square in Paray-le-Monial (France), named after the Father of the Bengali Nation, Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, he also re-established the France-Bangladesh Association (AFB), founded in 1972 by the French Minister of Culture Mr. André Malraux, which ensures the main stream positive lobbying of Bangladesh in France and Europe. He regularly meets French, but also Bangladeshi and international intellectuals, diplomats, scientists, lawyers, writers, journalists, businessmen and social workers. For all of them, his name has become a reference for honesty, generosity and patriotic devotion. He contributes financially and initiates public mediation within the international institutions of the European Parliament, United Nations High Commission on Human Rights, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), UNESCO and others, in support of the victims of several natural and human calamities (Kirghizstan ethnic conflict (2009), Rana Plaza collapse (2013), floods in Bangladesh, Myanmar’s Rohingya tragedy (2017), etc.).


Kazi Enayet ULLAH is a good example of a successful Bangladeshi entrepreneur and public personality who motivates the younger generation of his compatriots. Numerous prestigious international awards justify his personal contribution to the positive branding of the business opportunities in Europe and in Bangladesh worldwide. He also actively promotes the social approach in business and responsible business conduct for further economic and social progress of the Beautiful Bangladesh.

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