June 20, 2021


World Bangladesh Organization

Kuala Lumpur Declaration

  1. The term Diaspora used in the declaration of 1st Bangladesh Global Summit 2016 will mean, “Those individuals who carries a sense of displacement from the original homeland, who find themselves, for whatever reason, separated from their national territory. These people always have a love for their homeland, have a hope, or at least a desire, to return to their homeland at some point.”


  1. The summit discussed in detail about the recently formulated citizenship laws in Bangladesh. The summit hereby, recommended that the government may take an initiative to engage in a consultative process with the representatives of the Bangladeshi diaspora community with a special consideration to the proposed law regarding citizenship rights of the 2nd and subsequent generations of Bangladeshi Diaspora.


  1. The summit discussed about the rights and opportunities provided to the workers in different countries of the world and suggested that all the Foreign offices be equipped to tackle issues related to workers’ rights.


  1. The summit recommended that in all Foreign offices and Embassies, an exclusive diaspora services may be created to improve the service provided to hugely increased Bangladeshi diaspora population.


  1. The summit recommended that the Government of Bangladesh may take initiative to facilitate investment beyond the banking sector, especially in securing bonds through creation of funds from remittances sent by the Bangladeshi diaspora community. This will ensure the remittances through formal channels.


  1. The summit requested to Involve the Bangladeshi diaspora in business and social development activities from the grass root level up to the decision making level.


  1. The summit requested that initiatives may be taken to engage Bangladeshi diaspora community in investments and ventures associated with social enterprise development.


  1. The summit recommended that the Government of Bangladesh may be proposed to create a consultative body within the Government system having representatives of the diaspora community with an intention to serve the diaspora community.


  1. The summit requested the media community in Bangladesh to continue their efforts and support towards the Bangladeshi diaspora community focussing on the issues related to the diaspora community. In this regard the media were also requested to initiate programs based on the recommendations of the summit. Further, the diaspora community will help the media in undertaking such program.


  1. The summit recommended that initiatives may be taken to create job opportunities in the country of residence of the Bangladeshi diaspora community where presently non- Bangladeshis are working, especially in the apparel and development sector e.g. agents in the apparel sector.


  1. The summit proposed that the Bangladeshi diaspora associations may develop a monitoring cell to look at the interests of the diaspora community and report to the Government through proper channel.


  1. The summit requested the Government of Bangladesh to create database in all the embassies / high commissions / relevant offices regarding the successes and challenges of the Bangladeshi Diaspora community.


  1. The summit identified that the diaspora communities are the ambassadors of the nation and they were requested to take the initiative and activities to uphold the image of the nation throughout the globe.


  1. The summit also discussed and recommended that the diaspora communities should take up responsibility to form a database of the diaspora community members, including their biography and professional expertise, which will aid in their participation in Bangladesh when required.


  1. The representatives at the summit requested that the Government of Bangladesh should take up initiatives to improve the services and facilities at all the International airports, seaports and land ports in Bangladesh.


  1. The recommendation also included to explore the business opportunities beyond the apparel sector where Bangladesh has been performing. These areas may include Apparel diplomacy, Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural processing (including Jute) and other manufacturing and service sectors.


  1. The summit recommended to develop academic linkages with Universities where the Diaspora communities are involved to get research and development support from such Universities. In addition, since the Government has opened cross border education, the diaspora community may look at bringing the Foreign recognised Universities within Bangladesh to reduce Foreign currency outflow from Bangladesh and enhance quality of education.


  1. The summit also recommended to motivate the Bangladeshi Diaspora for bringing investments in areas that will boost the economy of the motherland.


  1. The summit discussed about the services provided by the Embassies in different countries. The summit recommended that consular services may be created in the countries where there is no Embassy or High commission and where the prospect for trade exists.


  1. Realising the importance of increased need for skilled labours within and outside Bangladesh, the summit requested the Government of Bangladesh and private sectors to develop capacity for improving vocational training with a view to serve the internal and international labour markets.


  1. It was recommended that the participation of women should be increased in future summits and in the activities of the diaspora communities. The Government of Bangladesh was requested to create special provisions for investment and participation of female diaspora in the social and economic aspects in Bangladesh.


  1. The summit also recommended that the tourism should be given priority and the Government may take initiatives to improve the tourist facilities further. The tourism may use a specific theme to highlight the uniqueness of the nation. The diaspora may be involved in the process of brand building and investment in the tourism sector.


  1. The summit also proposed initiating a diaspora day for all non resident Bangladeshis to be observed all over the world on that day.
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